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Diamond Tip: Maintaining fitness standards

By Master Sgt. Ronald Roper | 437th Maintenance Operations Squadron first sergeant | March 19, 2013

JOINT BASE CHARLESTON, S.C. -- As a first sergeant and former Unit Fitness Program Monitor, I have seen a fair share of our service members who failed a fitness assessment test and then told me they didn't know what score was required to pass, what their responsibilities were or simply saying, "I didn't know."

While these may just be excuses for failing a FA test, I thought I would take a moment to highlight your role as an Airman. It will benefit you to take the time to read and understand Air Force Instruction 36-2905, which sets forth your personal responsibility for maintaining standards.

Specifically, each Airman is responsible for the following:

· Knowing the block of time within his/her FA is required to remain current. If a FA has not been scheduled in the period required to remain current, notify the designated FAC representative, UFPM, or superior authority in writing (includes e-mail) to schedule the FA and request it be scheduled within the required testing window. It is ultimately the member's responsibility to ensure their FA is scheduled.

· Remain current as defined in AFI 36-2905. Failing to remain current as well as failing to attain a passing score on the applicable FA before the end of the performance report reporting period will result in a "Does Not Meet Standards" rating on the member's officer performance report/enlisted performance report if, as of the closeout date of the performance report, currency or a passing score is not obtained.

· Monitor his or her FA exemptions, schedule any necessary medical examinations and initiate FA test arrangements in a timely manner.

In addition, AFI 36-2905 outlines what to do if you become ill or injured during the FA test. It discusses how many exemptions are allowed in a continuous year and 24-month period before a member is referred to the unit commander, who will in turn, request the exercise physiologist/wing FPM review the case at the Deployment Available Working Group. The DAWG will ensure an appropriate medical evaluation has been completed, decide whether or not a medical evaluation board is required and refer the case to the individual's primary care manager for MEB initiation or additional medical work-up.

The fitness program has been part of our culture for some years now, and it may change over time, however it's not going away. Make sure you stay up to date on these changes as they affect you.

Take the time to read AFI 36-2905, and learn what to do in situations if you're hurt or ill during your FA test, know your scores required to pass, and how to help those you supervise so you don't become one of the Airman in the commanders or first sergeants office explaining to them why you didn't know about the FA test.

Remember, excellence in all you do!

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