628th Mission Support Group
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War Ready Force, providing decisive mission and joint installation support… anytime, anywhere!



AMC’s premier Mission Support Group... accelerating a rapid global mobility force capable of providing unrivaled support, from competition through crisis, across the spectrum of operations to the Joint Force.


Lines of Effort:

• People
• Readiness
• Support  


628th Civil Engineer Squadron
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The 628th Civil Engineer Squadron's mission is to continually exceed customers' increasing expectations at Joint Base Charleston, which includes the Air Base, the Weapon Station, North Auxiliary Field, and Hunley Park. The joint installation is composed of 1,846 buildings (totaling 20 million Sq. Ft.), 18 million sq. ft. of airfield pavements, and 27 miles of active railways nestled on nearly 23,000 acres of land.


628 CES is comprised of 541 personnel to include both military and civilian, and 7 flights - Operations, Programs, Fire Emergency Services, Readiness & Emergency Management, Explosive Ordnance Disposal, Asset Management, and Resources - each contributing to the overall mission.


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Building Global Strength


628th Communications Squadron

The 628th Communication Squadron plans, installs, operates and maintains the full spectrum of joint communications systems and knowledge management services decisive to the successful mission execution of Joint Base Charleston and its 53 tenant units. Specific services include computer and Voice Over Internet Protocol (VOIP) data network connectivity, visual teleconferencing (VTC), fixed and mobile voice, public address and emergency mass notification, airfield meteorological and navigational (METNAV) aids and ground-to-air communications, computer security (COMSEC) management, records management, and official mail and postal services.


The Squadron consists of approximately 125 Airmen, Sailors, Civilians and Contractors. The vast majority of that end-strength resides in the Cyber Operations Flight (SCO) focused on mission execution, and with the exception of the command section, the remainder of the unit resides in the Plans and Resources Flight (SCX) focused on future plans and programs.


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Dominance Through Cyberspace

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628th Contracting Squadron
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The 628th Contracting Squadron (628 CONS) directly supports all DoD personnel in the 628th Air Base Wing, 437th Airlift Wing, and the 315th Airlift Wing as well as over 60 mission partner. The squadron provides operational support for all assigned C-17A aircraft; prepares, awards, and administers contracts for construction, supplies and services with an annual value exceeding $80 million; and trains, equips, and deploys contracting officers to execute contingency contracting support to operations worldwide.


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Who bought it? CONS bought it!


628th Force Support Squadron

The 628th Force Support Squadron enhances the quality-of-life and combat capabilities through diversified services that provide force development, sustainment (food, fitness, and lodging), resource management and organization, manpower and personnel, family readiness, child and youth development, and Morale, Welfare and Recreation (MWR) programs across the Air Base and Weapons Station. The squadron deploys worldwide in support of national security military operations and provides support to over 80,000 active duty and their families, retirees, DoD civilians, and reservists.


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Anytime, Anywhere!



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628th Logistics Readiness Squadron
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The 628th Logistics Readiness Squadron is comprised of five functional flights: fuels management, vehicle maintenance, material management, deployments and distribution, and a water port operation. These functional areas, along with the command section, squadron readiness, quality assurance, training, resource management and functional systems management sections comprise the total Logistics Readiness team. They also enhance rapid global mobility and sustainment by providing supplies, equipment, vehicles, war reserve materiel, port services, and fuels valued at over $500M to one air base wing, two air mobility wings, and over 60 mission partners.

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I will find a way or make one!


628th Security Forces Squadron

The 628th Security Forces Squadron (SFS) is focused locally and globally. They provide over 280 combat ready Defenders and 140 civilians to support and defend the people and resources at Joint Base Charleston. Also, they provide security to over 50 DoD and federal agencies, 87,000 personnel and $14.2 billion in resources to include over 50 C-17A Globemaster III aircraft and two U.S. Navy Nuclear Training Submarines.


The squadron maintains law and order on the installation; develops and maintains a viable detection program; organizes, equips, trains, and administers forces to participate in prompt and sustained operations; and manages the installation information security, resources protection, crime prevention, anti-terrorism and security programs.


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Terra Aer Aqua

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