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NEWS | June 9, 2017

628 MDOS commander wins prestigious award

By Senior Airman Christian Sullivan Joint Base Charleston Public Affairs

Lt. Col. Brian Neese, 628th Medical Operations Squadron commander, was honored with the Federal Health Care Executive Special Achievement Award from the American Hospital Association May 25, 2017.

“The American Hospital Association is a national organization that represents and advocates for close to 5,000 hospitals and health care systems and counts around 37,000 members,” said Neese. “They like to recognize federal entities since they share some of the same challenges and missions. They have a heart for those serving our country in this unique way.”

Neese received this award over an extensive group of federal participants.

“Any federal health care agency can submit for this,” said Neese. “Including the uniformed services and federal agency hospitals.”

Neese understands his award reflects the efforts of an entire healthcare team and is proud of the work that his Medical Operations Squadron and the entire Medical Group has put in over the years.

“As a leader you don’t do a specific task to be recognized. The 80 people in my squadron and the more than 250 people in this medical group are all part of a clinical operation that is excelling,” said Neese. “This award recognizes an entire unit reaching well beyond what they may have thought possible.”

Neese’s squadron accommodated more than 100,000 visits worth over $6 million during the award period and exceeded Air Force standards for providing timely access to care for their patients.

“In my opinion, clinical medicine is a daily grind with few peers; it is a unique beast,” said Neese. “Along with seeing a constant stream of patients each and every day, you have to identify problems and implement solutions on the go. There is little opportunity to halt operations and resolve issues, we have to make improvements along the way. This is stressful and requires a group of people who communicate effectively, who care about each other and who are laser-focused on the mission. That is what we have here at Joint Base Charleston.” For Neese, maintaining his unit’s success comes down to two words.

“Attitude and culture,” said Neese. “I believe we have a culture of, not just excellence, but striving to be better. When our people come to work here they’re not satisfied with the status quo. They want more for themselves and for their patients. It is an incredible work environment.”

Neese knew he was a part of something special when he found out he won this award.

“My role as a leader is to have the people working with me believe in themselves and capture a big vision for what is possible,” said Neese. “If I can cast that vision and then spur them on and empower them to succeed, then great things happen. This award is external validation that we are a world-class health care organization making a difference in the lives of our patients and on the global mission of this joint base. I couldn’t be prouder to serve on this team.”