Comprehensive Airman Fitness Electronic "We Care" Guide

This guide contains a list of services and resources available to members of our military community. It does not provide exhaustive information about each resource. Instead, it provides just enough information for you to quickly determine what resources are available to serve your needs. You can then use the phone numbers or web links to obtain more detailed information for a particular service. The We Care link is a needs-based search engine that allows you to connect with a choice of providers. The We Care guide also serves as a referral document for commanders, community leaders, and program managers. This comprehensive listing will empower you to find what you need to be a successful and resilient member of the Air Force family. Wherever you go in AMC, there will be a We Care guide.


To access Joint Base Charleston's We Care guide click the link below.











To access the Joint Base Charleston Phone Directory click here.

To call the base operator from the continental United States:

843-963-1110 or DSN: 673-1110

To call the base operator from overseas:

DSN: 312-673-1110

To call the Joint Base Charleston Public Affairs Office:

843-963-5608 or DSN: 673-5608