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DAF to launch myEval in 2022
January 7, 2022

AFCLC launches new introduction to China, Russia courses with certificates on Culture Guide app
January 2, 2022
AFCLC’s Culture Guide app is available to all military service members and civilians through the App Store and Google Play, and it is safe for Department of Defense mobile devices. More than 20,000 individuals are already utilizing the app, and for those individuals, an update is now available.

CSAF signs Agile Combat Employment doctrine note
January 1, 2022

Air Force releases cardio and strength fitness assessment alternatives, new online capabilities
July 2, 2021

Multi-capable Airmen sustain strategic deterrence during Mobility Guardian
May 21, 2021
Photos taken at Mobility Guardian 2021

CSAF releases Action Orders to Accelerate Change Across Air Force
December 10, 2020