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Task Force conducts first meeting to recommend improvements for snow and ice removal from airfield

100118 | Jan. 30, 2018


Joint Base Charleston and Charleston County Aviation Authority Task  Force conducted the first of several planned meetings here today, Jan. 30, to recommend improvements for snow and ice removal from the airfield. 


The Task Force is charged with reviewing lessons learned and the emergency response plan for the runways and taxiways shared by the base and Charleston International Airport concerning potential weather-related events and provide recommendations to the Joint  Base Commander and Aviation Authority CEO to enhance established emergency response plans. As part of today's meeting, the Task Force identified and agreed upon key objectives and milestones to be worked between both organizations over the next few weeks with  next Task Force meeting scheduled for mid-February to review progress.


The Joint Base Commander and Aviation Authority CEO are scheduled to announce the improvements to the emergency response plan recommended by the Task Force in late March.


Joint Base Charleston owns and maintains the runways that are shared between the base, the Aviation Authority and Boeing. Existing agreements ensure that the Air Force maintains the airfield in order to ensure military readiness. The Task Force will identify  opportunities to alleviate impacts to civil aircraft operations during inclement weather.


Continued collaboration between Joint Base Charleston and the Aviation Authority will ensure preparedness for future winter storms.



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