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JB Charleston security forces, local police to conduct DUI Checkpoints

320617 | May 25, 2017



The 628th Security Forces Squadron partnering with local law enforcement agencies will be conducting DUI checkpoints at the beginning of Memorial Day weekend on Joint Base Charleston.

In an effort to remind motorists that JB Charleston security forces is serious about drunk driving enforcement and as part of an ongoing DUI battle plan campaign called "DUI Checkpoint Strike Force," installation police and local law enforcement units will begin operations for a "Drunk Driving Enforcement Zone" on May 26-27 where sobriety checkpoints and saturation patrols will occur without notice.

On May 26, 628th SFS is partnering with the Charleston County Sheriff's Office and the South Carolina Highway Patrol for the first enforcement zone near the Air Base. On May 27, 628th SFS will be conducting their second enforcement zone, which will take place at the Weapons Station.

Officers will be looking for signs of alcohol and/or drug impairment with officers checking drivers for proper licensing, delaying motorists only momentarily. All lanes and vehicles will be inspected during the checkpoint. Personnel suspected of driving under the influence will be tested utilizing standard field sobriety tests.

In America, on average nearly 900,000 people are arrested and 12,000 people killed each year due to DUI-related accidents and incidents. South Carolina has ranked as one of the highest states nationally for DUI-related deaths and arrests.

We ask for your patience as these operations may slightly delay traffic both in and out of base gates and on main thoroughfares.

Anyone with concerns about the DUI checkpoint should contact the JB Charleston Public


Affairs office at (843) 963-5608.

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