NEWS | Nov. 23, 2021

628th MDG DECON Exercise

628th Medical Group



The 628th Medical Group conducted a three-day decontamination training exercise at Joint Base Charleston, S.C., Nov. 2-4, 2021.


The exercise consisted of three teams learning how to properly decontaminate an injured person before transferring them into a medical facility for treatment.


Mr. Danny Glover, 628th MDG emergency manager, organized the exercise ensuring participants received proper training and certification. 


“It is an OSHA requirement and federal guideline that medical personnel have HAZMAT training,” said Glover. “This also makes sure that they’re certified to perform these functions safely, efficiently, and in the time requirements established by OSHA.” 


The DECON exercise prepares the medical team in case an unidentified chemical is present during an attack.


“It’s a beneficial part to ensure we’re ready for any disaster, at any time.” Glover said. 


The three-day training exercise ended Nov. 4, and all service members were certified in the ability to decontaminate.