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NEWS | Feb. 12, 2021

Military spouse dedicates time to service members and their families.

By Airman 1st Class Gage Rodriguez Joint Base Charleston Public Affairs

Being a military spouse is an adventure in an of itself. Being involved and supportive of your military community is one of the best ways to be able to support and connect with your fellow military families and friends. 

Stacey Benson is a military spouse and more specifically, the Community Outreach Manager for PCSgrades.

PCSgrades, is an online platform that allows military families to go online and leave a review for their military housing and off base neighborhoods, so incoming service members who are having a Permanent Change of Station or PCSing to that location can make a decision on whether they want to live on or off base.

This program allows for a community of active duty military members, veterans, and military spouses to help take the stress out of a PCS. 

Benson is also active in other avenues of personal and professional development, for example, she runs her own military photography business that allows Benson to accurately depict military service members.

“I've been in photography for 20 plus years, and I realized about two years ago, that my primary clientele base was military families, 99% of my clients are military,” said Benson.

Todd Ernst, Founder and CEO of PCSgrades has identified Benson as the embodiment of guiding beliefs on what PCSgrades was founded on.

“As a professional artist, Stacey brings beauty and creativity to the visuals we share with our

audience. In a world where so much is done behind a screen, who doesn’t want to see

something beautiful and inspiring pop up on their feed,” said Ernst.

Benson has spent much of her time to service the needs of the military community and has also personally aided a hospital in Rhode Island to fill employment gaps with spouses in dire need of work and also opened a food pantry that lead to literal “boat loads” of food being donated.

“I love helping people but my passion is helping military families of all branches of service, said Benson. “Now that we are in our final destination and retirement is just around the corner, I'm still going to be able to help those military families but in a different way.”

As the Community Outreach Manager, Benson remains in touch with military families and their

needs. This allows her to advocate on behalf of military families.

Benson has PCSed five times and has gone through seven different deployments with her husband.

“Her experiences, combined with her desire to support others in the military community, make her a valuable part of the PCSgrades team,”said Ernst.

For more information about PCSgrades, visit