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NEWS | Nov. 4, 2020

628th FSS Airmen feed the force

By Tech. Sgt. Christopher Hubenthal Joint Base Charleston Public Affairs

A part of 628th Force Support Squadron’s mission is to enhance the quality of life and combat capabilities through diversified services. From lodging to fitness, these Airmen support the joint team here when it comes to readiness and support in a variety of ways.


For FSS Airmen at Joint Base Charleston’s Gaylor Dining Facility, feeding the force by offering meals day-to-day is what they bring to the overall mission. 


“Our job is important because we’re fueling them to start their day, throughout their day, and finishing their day,” said Staff Sgt. Christopher Morrison, 628th FSS dining facility production manager. “Meals are important, especially in a deployment environment.”


Working at the Gaylor Dining Facility is an all day and night operation. These Airmen work around the clock to ensure members of Team Charleston are taken care of. 


“Starting off in the morning, we’re coming in, gathering around and having a meeting,” added Morrison. “We go over all our stations, we figure out what we need for the day, like our specialty items, we look at our manning, and we forecast which station we have to attack early to make sure we meet the meal time and all requirements for the food.”


After the breakfast meal from 6:00 a.m to 9:00 a.m, the team, ranging from seven to 12 members, have an hour and a half to prepare for the lunch meal. 


“It’s definitely fast paced. We’re trying to not get in each other’s way,” said Senior Airman Joshua Cruz, 628th FSS dining facility shift leader. “We’re definitely pushing it.”


Despite the operations tempo, Cruz said they use the environment to also train new Airmen to get a feel for what they can expect on a busy day.


“We work with them side-by-side to make sure they follow the recipe correctly and the portions are correct,” said Cruz. “We need someone chopping, we need someone steaming and we need someone putting the line together.”


Morrison said that teamwork and communication is key to ensuring the joint team is able to receive quality food every day.


“We’re flexible and able to adapt to any situation,” said Morrison. “Any obstacle that comes, we figure a way to get over it and push through and get the meal out.”


Cruz said that being a part of the dining facility team has taught him a lot as a shift leader, and he carries those lessons learned in the way he operates as an Airman and person.


“You can’t do everything by yourself, you definitely need teammates, Airmen and leadership to help you out,” said Cruz. “This teaches you how to work as a unit, a squadron and a team. That’s one thing I’ll take away from this.”


Morrison said his team serves, on average, more than 300 service members during the lunch meal and that his team’s attitude and determination to get the mission done is what drives him. 


“As much as they work for me, I work for them as well,” said Morrison. “We’re all one big team. I look forward each day to work with each and every one of them. I appreciate everything they do for us and Joint Base Charleston.”