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So, you think you're smarter than a 5th grader?

By Staff Sgt. Daniel Bowles | Joint Base Charleston Public Affairs | July 21, 2010

JOINT BASE CHARLESTON, S.C. -- Throughout a given week across America, many enjoy popular programming which provides entertainment of individuals placed in the academic spotlight, but few laugh when it's for real.

Sweaty palms, almost clammy. Dry mouth and weak knees. Every thought from a late night study session is clinging for life to tired brain cells. It's the feeling right before a test, knowing every page was read and class notes checked and rechecked, but somehow something just didn't click.

As it has been publicized throughout the past year, free help is available to cure these symptoms at -- a website built to aid military members and their families toward greater academic success at no charge.

Since 2001, the network of more than 1,800 professional tutors and career specialists have delivered more than 5 million one-to-one tutoring and career sessions. Now, service members and their families have access to the resources through a Department of Defense funded contract. So, whether you are smarter than a fifth grader or not, there are no worries. The DOD and have you covered.

For a quick quiz, grab a pencil and test your knowledge of the new program. Find out how to get the service, who is eligible and what services are provided.

Pop Quiz

1. Who is eligible to receive the free service?
A. U.S. active duty military service members and their dependents
B. U.S. military reservists on active duty in a deployed status and their dependents
C. U.S. National Guard personnel on active duty in a deployed status and their dependents
D. DOD civilians in a deployed status and their dependents
E. All of the above

2. How do you sign up for the service?
A. Check in with the base library for a password
B. Go to
C. Call the education center
D. Call the attending school
E. Both A and B

3. What hours are tutors available?
A. Weekdays, from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.
B. Only during normal school hours
C. Only after normal school hours
D. 24 hours a day, seven days a week

4. What days are tutors available?
A. Monday, Wednesday, Friday
B. Saturday, Sunday
C. All federal work days
D. Every day, except New Year's Day, Independence Day, Thanksgiving, and Christmas

5. What tutoring services are provided?
A. Mathematics and English
B. Resumes and job search
C. Science and Social Studies
D. Essay writing, test taking, proofreading and homework
E. All of the above

6. What grade levels are served?
A. Elementary school
B. Middle school
C. High school
D. Introductory college level
E. All of the above

7. How is the tutoring conducted?
A. Over the phone
B. Through e-mail
C. Through an online blackboard
D. In real time, directly with a tutor on an interactive whiteboard

8. Where can you use
A. From school or home
B. From the base library
C. Overseas
D. Anywhere with internet access

Answers: 1. E, 2. E, 3. D, 4. D, 5. E, 6. E, 7. D, 8. D

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