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NEWS | July 27, 2010

Gain experience, career depth with special duty openings

By Courtesy of Air Force Portal Joint Base Charleston Public Affairs

Department of Defense courier duty
Numerous opportunities to serve in the U.S. Transportation Command Defense Courier Division are now available. Open to all Air Force Specialty Codes, a tour as a defense courier offers many advantages to those seeking a unique special duty opportunity. The courier division encompasses 18 stations around the world that provide world class secure distribution for the nation and its allies. Advantages include: top secret clearance, $75 per month special duty pay, joint tour with opportunity to earn joint awards and decorations, and the opportunity to add a valuable new logistics skill to your resume.

To qualify, candidates must be E-5 (including selects) or above, have or be eligible for a top secret, sensitive compartmented information clearance, have an overall "5" on enlisted performance ratings on the last five evaluations, be current and passing in fitness, be able to lift 50 pounds and meet other physical requirements, be physically able to fly and drive long distances, and be able to periodically perform multi-day missions that may take them away from home station. Most importantly, candidates must be willing to be an outstanding member of a no-fail joint team.

Interested individuals should review the full application requirements and apply via EQUAL Plus under AFSC 8P000. For more information, visit or contact the 8P000 Career Field Manager, Senior Master Sgt. Tom Piott at

Enlisted aide duty
The General Officer Management Office is soliciting enthusiastic, mature and professional applicants with the right attitude to fill enlisted aide openings at a variety of locations around the world.

Enlisted aide duty is a voluntary special duty open to all second term and career Airmen in the grades of E-5 and E-6. Enlisted Aides are assigned to specific general officers for the purpose of relieving them of tasks and details, which if performed by the officer would be at the expense of the general officer's primary military and official duties. The duties of an Enlisted Aide generally vary since their duties are tailored to the needs of each general officer; however, most Enlisted Aides perform the following types of duties: official meal preparation, housekeeping, maintaining general officer's uniforms, outside chores such as lawn care, edging and gardening, and arranging official social events.

All three-star generals are authorized one enlisted aide and four-star generals are authorized two. There are designated one and two star generals who are authorized enlisted aides due to the representational responsibilities inherent to their positions. For more information and application procedures, see Department of Defense Directive 1315.7 and Air Force Instruction 36-2123. If interested in applying, contact Senior Master Sgt. Lori Kelly at

Defense attaché opportunities for senior NCOs
New active duty enlisted opportunities to serve as diplomats supporting the Defense Attaché System at U.S. embassies in Burundi, Bosnia, Congo, Liberia, Uganda and Botswana are available to senior master sergeant and master sergeant volunteers. All AFSCs may apply. Interested airmen should volunteer via EQUAL Plus under AFSC 8P100. For more information, please contact Chief Master Sgt. Tamas Szaloczi, Master Sgt. Theresa Lashley, or Tech. Sgt. Michael Wilbur at DSN 425-8322/8347/8344 or 703-588-8322/8347/8344.

White House Communications Agency assignments
The White House Communications Agency is looking for highly dedicated and professional active duty Airmen to provide state of the art communications support to the President of the United States. You must be able to travel, work with little supervision and be extremely responsible. The WHCA is currently recruiting individuals in the following AFSCs in grades E4-E7: 3D0X1, 3D1X1, 3D1X2, 3D1X3, 3D0X3, 3D0X4 and 3N0X2. You must be able to: obtain a top-secret clearance, no history of derogatory information and be able to serve in a four year Presidential Support Duty billet. Do not send e-mails requesting additional information if an AFSC is not listed. WHCA job vacancies will be posted through EQUAL Plus on the Airman Management System 12 to 18 months from the date of the projected vacancy.

Need a rewarding challenge? Become a military training leader
The Air Force is looking for qualified and motivated active duty Airmen E-4 through E-8 who realize leadership is the one constant that drives us all to excellence. We need inspiring leaders to mold Airmen into extraordinary members of our Air Force and excellent citizens of our great country. Are you ready to step up to the challenge and serve as a military training leader?

The amount of responsibility is great ... the challenge is even greater. For general information visit, the AMS Equal Plus listing for 8B100. For more information on qualifications and application questions, visit the MTL Portal page on the Air Force Portal.

Air Force Academy military training NCOs
The Air Force Academy is hiring highly qualified and motivated active duty Airmen E-7 through E-8 with less than 17 years time in service for duty as Air Force Academy military training NCOs in the 8B200 special duty AFSC. The AMT is embedded in a squadron of approximately 110 Air Force Academy cadets. AMT duty is an amalgam of three different special duties: military trainer, professional military education instructor and first sergeant. Additionally, there are openings in the 8B200 special duty AFSC with a "J" prefix. This is for members of the Air Force Parachute Team and Wings of Blue. Applicants must have a minimum of 200 freefall jumps. Applicants with less than 200 freefalls may be considered on a case-by-case basis.

For general information, visit the AMT website at and see the AMS Equal-Plus listing for 8B200. For more specific information and details on the application process for 8B200 special duty, e-mail Senior Master Sgt. Michael Dahlhoff at For more specific information and details on the application process for 8B200-J special duty, e-mail Senior Master Sgt Aaron Bettison at

Air Force Honor Guard seeks experienced NCOs
The Air Force Honor Guard is a small, selectively manned unit at Bolling Air Force Base, Washington D.C. The Honor Guard is constantly looking for noncommissioned officers - both senior and junior NCOs -- to come to the unit as ceremonial guardsmen and supervisors. For information on become part of this elite team, visit