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Warrior of the Week – Airman 1st Class Joshua Cox

By Staff Sgt. Daniel Bowles | Joint Base Charleston Public Affairs | August 17, 2010

JOINT BASE CHARLESTON, S.C. -- Airman 1st Class Joshua Cox is a member of the 628th Logistics Readiness Squadron and has been stationed at Joint Base Charleston since the spring of 2009. He is currently serving in the Middle East with the 451st Expeditionary Logistics Readiness Squadron on his first deployment.

Airman Cox performs deployed duties as a journeyman in the supply career field and works in a multi-functional section, consisting of an aircraft parts store, flight service center, and inventory and inspection office.

"We support weapon systems here that are engaged in daily combat sorties," said Airman Cox. "Without supply assets the aircraft could not fly."

His responsibilities include retrieving assets from the inventory, performing inventory counts on warehouse assets to ensure proper accountability and turning in bad assets from maintenance for repair or condemnation. As an additional duty, Airman Cox is also his work section's vehicle control officer. He maintains inspection documentation for six vehicles assigned to the section and completes daily functional checks to ensure they're mechanically sound.

"It is much different here than in Charleston," Airman Cox said. "The operations tempo is higher than home station. The hours are longer, and we work under a lot of different situations."

At Charleston, Airman Cox works in the Flight Service Center, which processes all unserviceable aircraft assets for repair. The same process performed in his deployed unit is constantly a challenge, he said, due to having one fifth of the personnel as home station.

"I have adapted to the faster pace here and feel it has helped me learn more aspects of my job and has made me a more rounded individual," he said. "My career field is very versatile, and everything I do directly affects the mission. It's good to know you're doing something to help and is meaningful."

This "warrior of the week" hails from Hemingway, S.C., and enlisted in the Air Force in 2008 to serve his country, travel and pursue higher education, he said. His current goal is to attend college and complete his Community College of the Air Force degree.

According to Staff Sgt. Stuart Austin, NCO in charge of inventory with the 451 ELRS, Airman Cox possesses a rare work ethic and is the go-to Airman in the supply shop.

"Airman Cox is a highly motivated individual. He is constantly on the move and always looks for the next task," said Sergeant Austin. "He pays close attention to detail, takes pride in himself and his assigned duties. Even under pressure and extreme circumstances, his motivation never ceases and he moves forward to complete the mission. Every squadron would be lucky to have 100 of him assigned."

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