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NEWS | Feb. 2, 2011

This week in Navy history

By Joint Base Charleston Public Affairs Joint Base Charleston Public Affairs

Jan. 30, 1862 - The first turreted warship, USS Monitor, was launched.

Jan. 31, 1981 - The era of enlisted naval aviators ended when the last enlisted pilot retired.

Feb. 1, 1942 - USS Enterprise and USS Yorktown made the first WWII air strike against the Japanese in the Marshall Islands.

Feb. 2, 1800 - USS Constellation, commanded by Capt. Thomas Truxtun, defeated la Vengeance.

Feb. 3, 1801 - The Senate approved a peace treaty with France ending the undeclared naval war that began 1798.

Feb. 4, 1959 - The keel of USS Enterprise, the first nuclear powered aircraft carrier, was laid in Newport News, Va.

Feb. 5, 1971 - Capt. Alan Shepherd, commander of Apollo 14 and Cmdr. Edgar Mitchell, lunar module pilot walked on the moon during a nine-day mission. Ninety-four pounds of lunar material was collected and Captain Shepherd became the first person to hit a golf ball on the moon.