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NEWS | Feb. 8, 2011

Virtue of the month

By Ann Schuler, Marrington Elementary school counselor Marrington Elementary School

The Virtue of the Month for January at Marrington Elementary School was discipline.

Each month, teachers select children from their classes who best demonstrate a specific character virtue the students have learned. At the school's special awards assembly, each child recognized for displaying self-discipline received a certificate and a button with his or her "virtue" of it.

Maintaining self discipline is a virtue that will serve children well throughout their lives. In school, a job or in life, having self discipline will always be appreciated, recognized and rewarded.

The Virtue of the Month winners for the month of January were:

101: Amara G.
102: Kaleigh C.
103: Kaylee G.
104: Ja'leen T.
105: Akina S.
203: Rockford M.
204: Alena S.
205: Timothy G.
302: Faith H.
303: William A,
304: Joselynne H.
301: Gerhard V.
404: Zack B.
405: Hannah D.
401: Reed W.
402: Thales V.
403: Sydajia S.

At Marrington Elementary School  we know when character development increases, higher student achievement goes right along with it!

For more information about the Marrington Elementary School Counseling Program, please visit my web site at: