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Here’s proof: you can quit tobacco

By Ashley Destefano | Health and Wellness Center | February 23, 2011

JOINT BASE CHARLESTON -- Name: Staff Sgt. Jeremiah Johnson

Squadron: 315th Aircraft Maintenance Squadron

How long did you smoke? 12 years

What brand of cigarettes did you use? Marlboro Lights

How long have you been tobacco free? Eight months and going

What made you decide to quit using tobacco? I was tired of everything associated
with the habit, as well as the smell and the overall impression smoking gives to

What helped you quit tobacco? The support of the American Lung Association and the
staff who provided tips to help me change my habits such as making it harder
to access cigarettes.

What has been the best thing since quitting tobacco? I feel better all around. I don't get bronchitis anymore or have a smokers cough. Also, I like saving the money I was spending on cigarettes.

If you or someone you know is interested in quitting tobacco, please call 1-877-695-7848 to enroll in the Charleston Air Force Base process.

Ready to quit?

If you are ready to quit the tobacco habit, Joint Base Charleston-Air Base has a very specific plan in place to help you become tobacco free for life.

The first step is to call the American Lung Association Quitline at 877-695-7848 to enroll in the program. Then, schedule an appointment with the Health and Wellness Clinic staff or go to HAWC during walk-in hours to complete a mandatory questionnaire. The walk-in hours are Mondays from 9 to 10 a.m. and Thursdays from 2 to 3 p.m.

Once you have completed the questionnaire, it will take approximately four days for the HAWC staff to activate medication from the base pharmacy. Call the pharmacy at 963-6808 to confirm your prescription is available to be picked up.

Once enrolled in the program, call the American Lung Line counselor weekly in order to stay compliant with program. Patients must call the Quitline counselor weekly in order to keep receiving prescription refills. Failure to comply with the counseling portion of the cessation program will result in the denial of all medication refill requests.

There are many additional patient resources available to help you quit including tobacco cessation classes held monthly at the HAWC, Military & Family Life Consultants at 609-8718, Military Health Coach at and a Behavior Health Counselor at 963-6846. For additional information, go to, or

If you have additional questions, contact the HAWC staff at 963-4007.

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