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NEWS | May 11, 2011

Great opportunities for hunting and fishing at JB CHS

By Terrence Larimer Joint Base Charleston natural resources manager

In the dim light of dawn songbirds announce their presence with lilting songs while the occasional hooting of owls and caws of crows provide punctuation to nature's chorus. In sharp contrast to the soft melodies of songbirds are the mating gobbles of tom turkeys and the cackling response of receptive hens. This particular bird song is the most interesting to eager turkey hunters hoping for an opportunity to bag America's greatest game bird.

Turkey hunting on Joint Base Charleston - Weapons Station is one of the many benefits military and civilian personnel can enjoy. As part of the 628th Civil Engineering Squadron, the Natural Resources management program is working to provide a wide variety of quality outdoor recreational opportunities to base patrons.

The 2010-11 hunting season on JB CHS ended May 1st with the conclusion of wild turkey season. Fifteen tom turkeys were taken during the course of the month and a half season that saw 36 hunters go on 107 hunts and enjoy 591 hours of outstanding outdoor recreational activity.

Of course this pales in comparison with time spent by JB CHS white-tail deer hunters who accumulated nearly 5,000 hours in pursuit of their quarry during this past deer season. One hundred and seventy-five base hunters went on 1,223 hunts, harvesting 57 deer.

Waterfowl hunters, small game hunters, and hunters scouting in preparation for their respective seasons chalked up another 448 hours of outdoor activity. This all adds up to 5,999 recreational hours that hunters enjoyed on JB CHS this past season. That number could probably be doubled by the hours put in by fishermen who are out year round enjoying the fishing opportunities on base impoundments, creeks and rivers.

In addition to hunting and fishing, the base has nature trails on both JB CHS Air Base and Weapons Station. Marrington Plantation on JB CHS - WS provides more than 20 miles of off-road hiking and biking trails and unlimited opportunities for outdoor photography, picnicking and other nature based activities.

Base hunting and fishing licenses are available at the Outdoor Adventure Center on JB CHS - WS. Call 764-2120 for information. Running concurrent with South Carolina licenses, JB CHS licenses expire on June 30. JB CHS fishing licenses are $7, hunting licenses are $20 and a combo is $25. For additional information about hunting and fishing call the JB CHS Natural Resources Office at 764-7951.