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NEWS | June 1, 2011

Base Honor Guard Spotlight

By MM3 Brannon Deugan Joint Base Charleston Public Affairs

Name: Robert Kaleb DuBose

Rate/Rank: Mineman 2nd Class

Hometown: Sumter, S.C.

Squadron and job title (Command/Work Center/Primary Duty): MOMAU 6 command career counselor, command fitness leader, mine assembly team leader.

Time in the Navy: Four years

Time in Honor Guard (Either Color Guard and/or Funeral Honors): Three years

What inspired you to join (volunteer) for the Honor Guard? I volunteered for Honor Guard because it was a great opportunity for me to say thank you to the service men and women that have laid their life on the line for my country, my beliefs and my freedom.

What is your favorite aspect of the Honor Guard? Helping the families close the final chapter of their loved ones life.

What are your future career goals? Make petty officer first class and finish my law degree and submit my Officer Candidate School package to become a JAG.
Who is your role model and why? Theodore Roosevelt because he was an honorable and courageous man that served our country in many different ways. He was a true patriot.

What is your single most memorable moment in Honor Guard?" We performed a lake-side service for a WWII veteran. His son was injured while serving the Navy in the Gulf War, damaging his legs to the point where he could not walk or stand. Before the funeral, he asked that all members attending stand and say the Pledge of Allegiance and sing the national anthem and then, with assistance, he stood for all honors. I'll never forget the true patriots that were in attendance.