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NEWS | March 27, 2012

One shop keeps Security Forces operational

By Senior Airman Anthony J. Hyatt Joint Base Charleston Public Affairs

When security forces Airmen deploy, they don't receive their deployment gear like Airmen in other career fields. Instead, the 628th Security Forces Squadron handles deployments differently; internally.

When most career-fields pick up their deployment gear from the base's individual equipment section, Security Forces personnel is done in house. That is where Tech. Sgt. Anthony Waldon, 628th SFS supply non-commissioned officer in charge, comes into play. With security forces being a highly-deployed career field, Waldon assigns more than 90 pieces of equipment to every Airman that deploys from the SFS.

Waldon is responsible for equipping more than 250 active duty security forces Airmen with the proper gear. He also supplies the civilian contractors with their home-station law enforcement gear.

"As the NCOIC of supply I take care of all the daily issues as far as exchange of law enforcement gear," said Waldon. "All newcomers come through me for their home station gear and I also equip them with their deployment gear."

"We issue out items that are not issued during the base deployment processing line such as knee pads, elbow pads, bedding, holsters, magazines, whistles, safety knives and Advanced Combat Optical Gunsights," said Waldon. "Our Airmen also receive the standard items other career-fields deploy with such as canteens, helmet covers and uniforms to name a few."

With five deployments under his belt, Waldon has experience which has enabled him with the knowledge of what tools are needed in the field.

"Knowing what you will use, not use and knowing how to use it can go a long way. I'm here to assist our Airmen with those questions," said Waldon. "In the past, you would hear someone say 'you got to have this, not really sure why, but here you go,' and I don't want to do that."

While the warehouse plays a role during base exercises, Waldon also issues equipment used at JB Charleston.

"I issue out the holsters, handcuffs, gloves, vest and etc.," said Waldon. "When the temperature cools down, Airmen will see me to get their cold-weather gear."

"When force protection conditions change, the base conducts an exercise or when air shows are held here, Airmen come to the warehouse to receive the proper equipment," added Waldon. "My job is to make sure the security forces squadron is operational and runs smoothly on a daily basis."

To be successful at his job, Waldon regularly conducts inventory of all the gear and coordinates with leadership.

"I'm always networking with people and requesting new and improved equipment for the squadron. I'm constantly trying to be ahead of the game by trying to get the best products," said Waldon.

"The best thing about my job is knowing that I've taken care of my people," said Waldon. "I want to thank James Oakley and Senior Airman Nicholas Pyle from the 628th Logistics Readiness Squadron for all their help with our administration purposes and also thank my supervisor Tech. Sgt. Edward Meredith and leadership for empowering me to do my duty."

At the end of the day, the 628th SFS could not function without the effort from their own supply section.

The 628th SFS is organized into five S-Functions and staff: the Commander's Staff, S-1 Personnel, S-2 Intelligence, S-3 Operations and Training, S-4 Logistics and S-5 Plans and Programs. The supply section falls under the S-4 section.

SFS provides force protection, law enforcement, physical security and administration support for more than 28,000 military civilians, retirees and dependents on JB Charleston.