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NEWS | July 24, 2013

Diamond Tip: Why we conduct feedback?

By Master Sgt. Ronald Roper 437th Maintenance Operations Squadron

Air Force Instruction 36-2406, states feedback is a requirement and is noted on Officer and Enlisted Performance Reports. But, that's not why we conduct feedback.

Feedback is conducted to give our Airmen an idea of where they stand, what they're doing well and where they need to improve. Since there's always room for improvement, some may take feedback as criticism, while others may only want to hear praise and nothing that might suggest imperfection. However, when you conduct feedback regularly, openly and honestly, you will be setting up Airman for success.

Although feedback is required at specific times of the year, it doesn't mean you can't ask for it or give it, if you feel it's needed. Head those mistakes off and set your Airmen up for success. Don't forget to set yourself up for success as well. If you think you want or need feedback - ask for it. Your EPR rating shouldn't be a surprise. You want to make sure you have clarification of expectations, and what is expected of you and your work abilities.

Most Airmen want to make a difference in their place of work and want to be recognized for their accomplishments while becoming even better in their jobs. They deserve to know where they stand. Airmen crave honest, positive, objective and fair feedback. It motivates subordinates and helps them become more effective. By establishing a dialogue and mentoring subordinates, supervisors can better understand their Airmen's wants and needs and the climate of the organization.

In organizations like our Air Force, retaining quality people is a high priority, and effective performance feedback system is essential.