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NEWS | Sept. 3, 2013

Diamond Tip: Being an “AMN ”

By SMSgt Mauree Powell 437th Maintenance Squadron first sergeant

I have been asked by many about my philosophy on what I believe it takes to be a successful Airman. My definition of success may vary from everyone else's who has an opinion. However, I wholeheartedly believe that in order for you to be a successful "A"irman there are three simple rules I think you should consider following and it boils down to being an AMN .

Always do your best in everything you do. If you can look back on any given day to review your work on the job, at home or in the community and say without doubt that you always did your best, then you have succeeded. As Air Force members, always doing our best is what our Core Values charge us to do, "Integrity First, Service before Self and Excellence in All We Do." If you emulate the core values in all you do, then I believe success in this area will come.

Maintain a positive professional image. Please understand this does not mean just walk the walk or look the part. This means maintaining a positive professional image in all you do. This means walking the walk and also talking the talk. You now represent so much more than you and your family. You represent your country, your AF, your wing, your unit and your section. It is now not solely about you when you come to work, leave for the day or enjoy time off with family and friends; it is now about the "U.S.s" important it is on our ABUs to remind us if we ever forget. As stated before, if you emulate the core values in all you do, then I believe success in this area will come.

Never pass up an opportunity. Not just any opportunity, the opportunities that are presented to us that assists in our growing and maturing. Opportunities provide us with a chance to step outside of our comfort zone and either have success or failure, both instances for us to learn from. Leading a project, hosting an event, applying for a special duty, PCS, PCA or retraining are all opportunities the AF provides us to build our resumes. And of course, you guessed it, if you emulate our core values in all you do, then I believe success in this area will come.

"AMN" has been an acronym I have lived by since becoming an NCO. However, after a discussion with a fellow first sergeant, I believe I may replace the N in my acronym with C. Challenge yourself to go farther. The first sergeant told me he always has a conversation with his senior airmean immediately after promotion. He asks them when they should start learning how to be an NCO and or supervisor. His answer to them holds true for all ranks. You should always challenge yourself to learn what it takes to be success at the next level...promotion or being a supervisor. The time to start learning how to work at the next level, is not when you are promoted to that level, it is where you are now, at your current level. This will assist in making you and those around you better. And of course, I believe that if you emulate our core values in all you do, success in this area will come.

So, do you have what it takes to be an AMC AMN?