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NEWS | Sept. 18, 2013

Diamond Tip: Healthy relationships

By Master Sgt. Rodney Lawless 437th Aircraft Maintenance Squadron assistant first sergeant

Human beings are, at one level or another, very much social creatures by nature. We need to interact with one another.

Lack of communication is the root cause of many of our conflicts. Communication involves listening and giving feedback on the message received.

As technology advances, it becomes easier to stay in touch via social networks, but these networks make it easier to avoid real person-to-personface-to-face interaction.
Social networks give many more people access to conversations they otherwise would not have. This can cause social nightmares and the next thing you know, people who don't even know each other are fighting and arguing over nonsense.

Interacting via social networks alone can lead to poor coping skills. Many of us simply don't know how to handle the stresses that come with "real life" relationships.

What would our individual lives be like if we actually took the time to get to know each other? It is easy to talk about ourselves, but much more difficult to humble ourselves and inquire about other people.

All I am suggesting is that we put a higher priority on spending time with our families, co-workers and friends and ensure our relationships are healthy and strong by improving and increasing our communication skills.