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NEWS | Oct. 2, 2013

CFC, Government Shutdown: a challenging combination

By Capt. Frank Hartnett Joint Base Charleston CFC Coordinator

It's almost impossible to be generous without steady income.

Over three months ago, planning and coordination started for this year's Combined Federal Campaign at Joint Base Charleston. Each year, the CFC is the campaign for federal workers to benefit local and national charities.

Joint Base Charleston resides in the Coastal Carolina CFC region, which is made up of federal offices and installations along South Carolina's Coast. Last year, the region brought in over $1.8 million to benefit needy charities and a variety of efforts that benefit the underserved.

During the planning phase, discussions focused on getting printed materials delivered and appointing unit representatives. However, the biggest challenge was not discussed since it wasn't foreseen.

Due to a lapse in federal funding, many federal workers are on unpaid leave status. Those workers on exempted or excepted status continue working but some will have to wait for back pay. Uniformed service members continue on with uninterrupted pay, but the future offers very few reasons to be optimistic.

Speaking honestly, this is the worst-case scenario. I understand if workers feel less generous since many are struggling to make ends meet.

But I would also remind you; it's during times like these, that charitable organizations need your help.

Donations from the CFC allow charities to assist wounded warriors, military children and those grappling with illnesses or any other of life's problems. Some of the people helped by charities have no other support networks to rely on.

We all have new burdens and times are tough, however take a moment and see what's possible. Any donation large or small makes a difference, and your generosity could make a positive change in the lives of those who are in great need or have nowhere else to turn.