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NEWS | Nov. 6, 2013

The Next Generation of Connection

By Master Sgt. Eric Rainer 15th Airlift Squadron First Sergeant

Not too long ago there were two accountability systems called "Roll Call and Recall".

For the Roll Call, you came to your work center, someone yelled out your name and you said, "Here or Present" or if it was a Recall, your phone rang and you said hello and acknowledged the individual on the phone.

Until recently, "communicate" meant to talk face-to-face or on the phone. But both the Net Generation, 1980 through89), and the iGeneration, born in the 1990s and beyond, have turned the concept of communication upside down. Hint "I dont tlk on th fone. txt im fb me".

I'm an "old fogie or old school" and I guarantee that I can walk into any office and see someone on their smart device doing something besides their work and it bothers me. But I'm paid to think so, I have to understand that younger generation doesn't remember a time without the constant connectivity to the world that these technologies bring, they're growing up with expectations of always being present in a social way -- always being available to Peers wherever they are.

If your reading the this paper you're an "old fogie" or an "old school'er" like me. I know that this is alarming to you, but quite honestly, you have to recognize that this is the way it is and is going to be, at least until the next new form of e-communication bursts into our world.

If you supervise young Airmen, you must learn how to text or you will never "connect." To the now and up and coming generation, it is all about connection. So, if you ask via text "how are you doing airman Don" and you receive AAS back. You should send back a  because they are "Alive And Smiling" their probably AATK "Always At The Keyboard", but never let them ACD you "Alt Control Delete" you.