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NEWS | Jan. 21, 2015

Happy 50th Birthday to the BSCs

By Maj Peter Carra 628th Aerospace Medicine Squadron

When you think of someone who works in the Medical Group, you may think that we are all doctors, nurses or dentists.  But, if that's what you thought, then you'd be missing out on the most diverse group of scientific and health related specialists in the Air Force.  We are the Biomedical Sciences Corps, the "BSCs," and during the last week of January we will be celebrating BSC recognition week.   This January marks the 50th anniversary for the BSCs.  

The Biomedical Sciences Corps was created in 1965 and prior to that had many names including the Sanitary Corps and the Army Medical Administrative Corps.  BSCs can be found in various command, staff, research and clinical positions.  Today the Biomedical Sciences Corps has 2,463 members, is composed of 18 specialties and 17 distinct career fields including optometry, public health, physical therapy, bioenvironmental engineering, pharmacy, biomedical laboratory, clinical psychology, physician assistants, aerospace physiology, audiology, architectural construction, health/ medical physics, clinical social work, dietetics, medical entomology, occupational therapy, podiatry and speech language pathology. 

Can you imagine what life would be like without a BSC? 

Imagine, waking up and having poor vision because there are no optometrists or not being able to get your medications because there are no pharmacists. Imagine having chronic muscle pain because there are no physical therapists and drinking water that may be unsafe for consumption because there are no bioenvironmental engineers. Imagine a massive disease outbreak attacking your community because there are no public health or clinical laboratory officers, or a poisonous mosquito strain that is invading your home because there are no medical entomologists. Imagine having no one to turn to for mental health problems because there are no clinical psychologists or social workers.

Be sure to take some time to reach out and thank one of your local BSC officers or technicians during BSC recognition week.