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NEWS | Feb. 23, 2015

Thank you, two words that are not used enough

By Master Chief Petty Officer Joseph Gardner Joint Base Charleston command master chief

Thank you, these are two words that don't get used enough, but can have a huge impact to one's day. I know I am guilty of not using it enough to show a simple bit of gratitude for the people who do the simple things right every day.

The annual awards ceremonies were a huge success and I believe everyone present had a good time. With this success, there were a lot of behind the scenes help and support to ensure everything was set for the evening. Then you have all the service members that participated in the second annual Medal of Honor Bowl events. This civilian managed event had service members from every branch of service and from as far away as Norfolk, Va., helping to ensure it was a success.   All of the nearly 150 volunteers were truly appreciated by the civilian committee members and the 15 Medal of Honor recipients for everything they did to ensure the success of the multitude of events. I believe that whether it was at the Hero's Luncheon, Gala Dinner or the game, all of these volunteers represented the Department of Defense and their service honorably to the roughly 76 million homes the game was televised in and the 12,500 people in the stands. I know the ones that attended the Gala and had the opportunity to talk to the 15 Medal of Honor recipients in attendance will remember this forever.

Another group of unsung heroes are those who perform funeral honors in the area. These members ensure that a proper final salute is given to the families of those that lead the way for our nation. I know for the Navy specifically, this fiscal year, the funeral honors detail has rendered honors for 66 funerals and within the Southeast Navy region, we are in the 4,700 range for the same time frame. In addition to serving in the funeral honors detail, these Sailors still have to perform the duties of their daily job without any restrictions or lost capability.

These few items alone deserve a thank you, but we also need to thank all the other service members (and this number is in the thousands) that do the "right things" every day. I know in dealing with the small number of community leaders I talk with, they appreciate everything the service members do in the area to represent the nation.