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2015 Winter/Holiday Message

By USAF Command Team | USAF Public Affairs | Dec. 2, 2015

Pentagon, Washington D.C. —
The winter holidays provide an opportunity to relax and celebrate with our
families and friends.  It's also an opportunity to re-establish a proper
work-life balance by enjoying the seasonal festivities and activities.

We work diligently all year to reduce mishaps, and we should not ignore
those effo1is during the much-deserved break.  Sadly, last year we lost five
Airmen in off-duty mishaps between 22 November and 2 January.  Every Airman,
uniformed and civilian, must take a few minutes to include sound risk
management in his/her winter and holiday plans.  The same risk management
principles that keep us safe on duty are just as effective when traveling
and enjoying recreational activities off duty.

Think through every plan and have a backup plan for contingencies.  Pay
close attention to weather conditions, remain vigilant, and maintain proper
awareness of your surroundings.
Use your training and common sense to do the right thing.  Ifyou see someone
in need, help them.  Ifyou're the one struggling, make the right choice and
seek help from a friend, a supervisor, or a professional.

We are the best Air Force on the planet because of who we are, how we
approach challenges, and what we do for our families and fellow Airmen.  The
Air Force and the Nation need every Airman to be ready and available to
respond when and where called.

Your family, friends, and Nation depend on you to make safety a priority in
your winter and holiday plans.  While enjoying the season, take care of
yourself and take care of each other.

Deborah Lee James
Secretary of the Air Force

Mark A. Welsh III
General, USAF
Chief of Staff

James A Cody
Chief Master Sergeant of the Air Force