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NEWS | Jan. 20, 2016


By Capt. Timothy Sparks, deputy commander 628th ABW

What are your New Year's resolutions? Like me, I'm sure good health, safety, security and family prosperity are at the top of your list.

Let's consider a few additional resolutions to work on together in 2016. How about: demonstrating pride, improving readiness and owning our warrior ethos--we can achieve these goals by knowing what "right" and "excellence" look like and by doing the right thing, even when no one is watching.

The vast majority of us do this daily, which is why we are seeing numbers of serious incidents decrease and some readiness trends rising. But, as always, there is still room for improvement.

I ask our Air Force partners here on Joint Base Charleston to indulge me as I take a minute to summarize the Chief of Naval Operations, CNO Adm. John Richardson. He issued "A Design for Maintaining Maritime Superiority" strategy. His "Design" applies to many facets of base operations or any service related endeavor, as well as a day-to-day commitment to doing the right things. The four key attributes he identified are:

· Integrity: Our behavior as individuals and as an organization aligns with our professional values. We actively strengthen each other's resolve to act consistently with our values. As individuals, teams and as a Military Service, our conduct must always be upright and honorable both in public and private (i.e. when nobody's looking).

· Accountability: We are a mission-focused force. We achieve and maintain high standards. Our actions support our strategy. We clearly define the problem we're trying to solve and the proposed outcomes. In execution, we honestly assess our progress and adjust as required. We are our own toughest critic.

· Initiative: On their own, everybody strives to be the best they can be. We give 100% when on the job. Our leaders take ownership and act to the limit of their authorities. We foster a questioning attitude and look at new ideas with an open mind. Our most junior teammate may have the best idea; we must be open to capturing that idea.

· Toughness: We can take a hit and keep going, tapping all sources of strength and resilience: rigorous training for operations and combat, the fighting spirit of our people, and the steadfast support of our families. We don't give up the ship.

I like the way the CNO has thoughtfully laid out a map to success for any service member, any government employee, any contractor or even any of our family members to follow.  As in all inspirational goals or designs, it takes work and focus to follow ideals into to successful endeavors.  That work starts by resolve, resolutions and goals.

Resolutions are the foundation for improvement, with that thought, I am inspired by his "Design" to create these simple resolutions to focus on for the New Year: 1) Everyone on Joint Base Charleston works together for a noble cause; to defend our country, our ideals and our loved ones. 2) Treat each other with dignity and respect. 3) Greet people sincerely and proudly. 4) Take an extra moment in time to observe and then take positive action to improve the environment around you wherever you go. Even little things can make a big difference.

I suggest we resolve to do our best to have a healthy, safe, secure and prosperous year together as the next step towards a better future. Thanks for looking out for each other-- Shipmates, Wingmen, veterans, DOD civilians and military families. Happy New Year!