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NEWS | Jan. 20, 2016

Teamwork springboard to success

By MSgt. Adam Clarke 15th AS

As members of the Profession of Arms, we each answered the call to be part of something much larger than any individual. Answering that call means we have committed to a team that can only be successful if its members act selflessly.

High performance teams consist of members who prioritize team goals above individual goals. Placing the needs of the team and welfare of our teammates ahead of our own personal desires can be challenging. However, the core values we live by provide us with a moral guide and help remind us what is most important.

Reflecting on one of those core values, service before self, can help us remember to set aside our selfishness and perform our best at whatever job we are tasked to do. There are several things we can do to show we have a genuine interest in the success of our team. We can take on the jobs others are reluctant to do, be reliable, take advantage of opportunities to learn new skills and always push ourselves to do our personal best. Notice that each of these things is about effort, not talent.

Some people do not get their dream job coming out of basic training while others are forced to retrain out of a job they loved into one they do not. I encourage you to always put your best foot forward and do the best you can at every job or assignment you are given. The desire to focus on our personal preferences is normal but we need to remember putting the needs of our team first will result in team and personal success.

You are part of a larger team that cannot function without you. Additionally, the experience you are gaining ultimately benefits you and your organization. Strive to be an asset to your team, help your teammates win and celebrate your successes together.