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Diamond Tips – Just Do It!

By Master Sgt. Daniel Perry | 628th Contracting Squadron | August 28, 2012

JOINT BASE CHARLESTON, S.C. -- After receiving an out-of-office reply from the 628th Contracting Squadron superintendent, I learned the 628th Air Base Wing Public Affairs office was hot on my tail for the Diamond Tip of the Week.

Many things ran through my head along with the predominant and overwhelming presence of fear. Fear of not only the unknown; but also the consequences of failure. This is something most of us encounter on a daily basis.

Allow me to let you in on a little secret that will not only build confidence but posture you for the responsibilities of your next promotion ... "Just Do It."

All too often in my career, I have given subordinates feedback on things they can do to become even better Airmen and greater assets to the Air Force. Two things I always receive the biggest push back on are community service and off-duty education.

Aside from the typical, "I am too busy," I often receive the, "I don't know whether I like it"; "I don't know how to do that"; and "I don't know if I have enough time to finish it." While there are a few other factors that can contribute to mission failure, fear is the one factor that keeps an individual from truly excelling.

But is that really the end-all, or is it really the beginning. With technology at our fingertips and leaders at our side, is there really an excuse? Try replacing the I don't know with "Let's find out" or better yet, "Let's just do it and iron out the path as we go."

No matter what point we may be at in our careers, we should always maintain our focus on "Excellence in all we do." Making excuses not only lets yourself down, but it shows others that you are not willing to be that shining example our Airmen need. Remember, it is far easier to shut something down with a "no" than it is to utter the word "yes."

Next time you are confronted with an opportunity to do something new and unique for yourself, other Airmen or your community, reach deep down inside yourself, muffle the negativity, and say yes. The fear will quickly be replaced with confidence and soon you'll realize that anything is achievable if you just do it.

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