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NEWS | Sept. 5, 2012

Diamond Tip: Time to vote, are you ready?

By Master Sgt. James Kasch 14th Airlift Squadron, 437th Airlift Wing

Have you voted? Are you going to? Consider this; every four years our nation prepares to select one person to become President of the United States. Millions of men and women head to the polls in a free and open election. The man or woman who is elected will serve as Commander in Chief, our chief foreign policy official, our head of state and the chief of the executive branch of our government. Who do you want it to be?

The population of the United States is approximately 314 million people; in 2008 it was closer to 299 million. The 2008 eligible voter population was between 208 and 212 million. Between 121 to 131 million U.S. citizens voted in 2008, approximately 60 percent of eligible voters. Shouldn't everyone eligible let their voice be heard? I think so. What should you do so your voice is heard? Register and vote!

To register, request a ballot and vote absentee. Go to to complete your Federal Post Card Application. It takes less than 10 minutes to complete using the online registration and absentee ballot assistant. Help spread the word. Pass this on to other military or overseas voters, including spouses and voting age dependents.

If you would like more information on the Federal Voting Assistance Program or need help with the absentee voting process, contact FVAP at 1-800-438-8683, DSN 425-1584, or at Don't forget your unit or installation voting assistance officers. In addition, view the Facebook page at and follow it on Twitter @FVAP. Take advantage of one of your constitutional rights, the right to vote.

Whichever candidate you choose, make an informed decision. Do some research and cast your vote. The old saying "Don't blame me, I didn't vote," is not going to fly. I prefer a much better quote by Dwight Eisenhower; "The future of this republic is in the hands of the American voter."

Be a part of the future, register to vote!