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NEWS | Oct. 31, 2012

Creating balance in our busy lives

By Maj. Matthew Manns 437th Maintenance Operations Squadron commander

We all feel it, that constant pressure of not having enough time in the day to get done what we think we need to.

As a military member, just compound this with the additional demands our careers place on us.

There is always a pressing deadline, a project that needs to get done, or an event that you are working. How many of us place an emphasis on family time as well?

I like to say that we are juggling several objects, all of them are made of rubber except for one, and that one object is made of glass. The objects represent different things in our lives, friends, work ... etc. You can drop any of those objects, based on what you prioritize, but remember one of them is made of glass. If you drop that object it will break; that glass object is family.

When we are done with our military careers, it is family that will still be there with us. We also need to give equal time to our own well-being. Working out, attending church, hanging out with friends or just doing something that we enjoy are great ways to reduce the everyday stresses life creates.

I recently was talking to a person that works for me and I could tell this person was becoming overloaded with the pressures they were feeling because of a family situation. I asked a simple question; what have you been doing to help recharge yourself?

My final thought for helping balance life is by being positive. It is easy to find the negative around us, but how many people look for the good? Driving around Charleston is a great example; you can find many negative things to focus on just driving on Dorchester Road. We have the ability to let these things bother us if we let them, but we can choose to hunt for the good in our daily lives.