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NEWS | Jan. 8, 2013

Welcome to 2013

By Chief Master Sgt. Larry Williams 437th Airlift Wing command chief

Hopefully everyone had a great holiday season and wonderful New Year.
I am honored to serve with you and look forward to another great year here in the low country. For most people, a new year brings those wonderful things we always think about; the New Year's Resolutions.

I find it fascinating how we take these goals and shove them to the forefront of our priority list only to abandon them in late February.
I am guilty myself of doing this and over time, have tried to come up with a way to prevent this behavior.

A recent Franklin Covey survey indicates only about 23 percent of people keep their resolutions. Things most often cited are distractions, being too busy and lack of commitment. I often talk about goal setting and how to achieve things you decide are important for you, your family and your career. There are a couple of things I can always reference when having this discussion: consistency and effort.

Talking about being consistent and giving your effort and actually doing so are very different. It is easy starting out when the idea is fresh and seems to be the most important thing in your life. As time goes on, however, other issues take priority and inevitably, our goals shift. This is why I encourage people to choose attainable goals and take measurable steps in achieving them.

I truly believe we can accomplish anything we set our minds to if we apply basic principles. Winston Churchill stated, "Continuous effort, not strength or intelligence is the key to unlocking your potential."

This can apply to any resolution you have set for yourself. If your goal is to get a college degree, you have to consistently be enrolled in a class and you must give effort in doing so. Taking a semester off or shifting this priority may sound like a good idea but ultimately will result in your goal slipping away. This applies to any goal, and only you can decide the outcome. Remember, continuous effort is the only way to achieve what you have decided is best for you.

As we venture into this new year, there are going to be challenges on the horizon; unforeseen circumstances and world events only we in the Air Mobility Command can overcome. Along the way, these events can redirect your focus and rightly so, since we ultimately answer the call of others. None of these events however, can remove the ability for you to achieve your goals as long as you apply the simple principles of consistency and effort.

In setting these resolutions and goals, I encourage you to think about the end result and ultimately what you wish to accomplish. If you set attainable goals, nothing can stand in your way of achieving them. Stay focused and I am sure your consistent hard work and effort will result in you being a better, more resilient person for your family and our great Air Force.