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NEWS | April 24, 2013

Diamond Tip: Off-base medical care

By Tech. Sgt. Nick Rykal 437th Maintenance Squadron assistant first sergeant

Have you ever received off-base medical care?

If so, was it an emergency or were you referred to that civilian medical facility by your Primary Care Manager?

According to AFI 41-210, "Service members, who seek medical/dental care outside the Military Health System without prior approval or coordination with the medical training facility responsible for their primary care, do so at their own risk. Any unfavorable outcome resulting from elective care provided by civilian sources could result in a not-in-line-of duty finding and potentially impact disability benefits."

Whether you receive off-base medical care because of an emergency or you were referred to one, make sure that civilian medical facility sends a "summary of treatment" to your PCM. This will allow your PCM to ensure that the treatment you received was adequate and will also inform them about any prescribed medications that could cause you to test positive on a urinalysis.

For more information on civilian medical care for active-duty members, refer to AFI 41-210 or contact your PCM.