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Adopt a caring philosophy

By Navy Capt. Mary Kim Kenney-Gutshall | Naval Health Clinic Charleston commanding officer | May 07, 2013

JOINT BASE CHARLESTON, S.C. -- I am humbled to be the commanding officer of Naval Health Clinic Charleston. Everyday I look around and it amazes me that I have been blessed to be part of an amazing group of dedicated Navy medicine staff, an amazing Air Force community of medical professionals, an outstanding veteran administration medical community and our low country medical organizations dedicated to the health and wellness of all our Department of Defense and veteran beneficiaries. Nowhere in Navy medicine do we have the opportunity to care for such a diverse group of beneficiaries and really make a difference in many lives.

In the world of Air Force and Joint Basing, I will offer a nautical Navy philosophy that supports and gives everyone a map to success: Ship - Shipmate - Self. Ship is our mission - the creation of a family-centered environment in which the citizens are nurtured and provided with the compassion and care that they deserve. Shipmate is the development of community to be the best we can be by sharing, teaching, nurturing and challenging each other to wear our uniform of service with respect and accountability. Self is our privilege to give. We will always be there to help, direct, and support our beneficiaries.

As we celebrate National Nurses Week May 6 - 10, 2013, it is a great time to honor the success of nurses throughout the DOD and Department of Veteran Affairs.

This year's celebration is focused on "Delivering Quality and Innovation in Patient Care," a critical part of making a difference in our patients' lives. Through care coordination, research and the delivery of compassionate healthcare, nurses are the strength of the healthcare delivery team. This is Ship - Shipmate - Self, a selfless, intelligent, and caring philosophy. Nurses must be focused on quality care (mission), must find answers through research and innovations so that all nurses continue to enhance patients' lives (community/teammate support), and personally be the strength in the team promoting the best for each beneficiary (selfless/giving back).

Our mission will continue - our patients will remain our "constant" in an ever changing family dynamic. Keep focused on dedication to quality healthcare services, help and support one another, and be the best you can be! That is Ship - Shipmate - Self, success at its best.

Happy National Nurses Week May 6 - 10.

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