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Do you have a plan to blow $10,000?

By Master Sgt. Eric Brown | 628th Medical Group first sergeant | June 12, 2013

JOINT BASE CHARLESTON, S.C. -- As summer approaches and long days of great weather continue, it is a time to enjoy the company of our fellow Airmen and Sailors, our family and our friends. It's time to hit the beaches and lakes and fire up the barbeque ... good times are to be had.

You double-checked your list for your upcoming epic barbeque, complete with every flavor of alcohol, but did you double-check your DUI prevention plan? If you did not consider that plan, figure out where you are going to come up with $10,000.

Does your DUI prevention plan include non-alcoholic beverages, designated drivers, who the key master will be, or AADD (843-963-2233 (AADD ) number programmed into you phone? If not, start finding numbers to a bail bondsman, lawyer, new insurance agent, funeral director, and don't forget to pick-up your service dress uniform from the dry cleaners ... you will need it if you are still alive. Also, make it easier for your commander and first sergeant by updating your virtual Record of Emergency Data on vMPF so they know who to contact in the event of a tragic accident.

A DUI is a selfish act and is easily prevented. A very simple plan that use is: Before consuming alcohol, my keys are already with my designated driver so I am not tempted to drive. Should my DD fail me, I know I can rely on my first sergeant, my co-workers, my fellow wingmen to get me home safe. Every weekend, I know there is a volunteer driver with AADD hoping to get a call from dispatch to pick someone up. I have a plan that I stick to so I don't have to blow $10,000.

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