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NEWS | Aug. 14, 2018

Commander's Action Line

By Col. Jeff Nelson 628th Air Base Wing

The Commander's Action Line is your direct link to base leadership. It is your opportunity to make Joint Base Charleston a better place to live, work and play. The Action Line program allows members of Team Charleston to voice any concerns they may have and receive a response. Members are encouraged to try and resolve their issue at the lowest level using their chain of command. If issues can’t be resolved at that level, please feel free to submit an Action Line. The public affairs office accepts Action Line submission via e-mail at: or mail at 628 ABW/PA, 102 E Hill Blvd., Joint Base Charleston, SC 29404. Please leave your name and the information needed to contact you. This information will not be shared online or in the Patriot. Please allow one week for a response from the 628th Air Base Wing commander.

See below for a recent question and response:

Comment:  Sir/Ma'am, Traffic on Red Bank Road has been noticeably worse this week. It has taken 30 minutes to travel approximately three miles on Red Bank (from North Rhett to NNPTC Circle) every day this week. The security entrance point on NNPTC Circle has only two security guards checking IDs during morning rush (0630-0830 hrs). Previously, four guards were checking IDs. The 50% reduction has greatly reduced throughput and increased delay in accessing base. This contributes to Red Bank Road back up. Traffic on Red Bank Road on the Weapons Station exceeds the road capacity during morning and afternoon travel demand. There are frequent collisions on the road, particularly at the intersection of Red Bank and NNPTC Circle. This is a safety risk. Please take action to increase staffing at ID checkpoints to increase car throughput. Please input traffic control measures to increase vehicle throughput on Red Bank Road. Please take action to widen Red Bank Road to meet the growing current/future needs.

Response:  Thank you for bringing this to our attention. Joint Base Charleston's traffic safety goal is to prevent or reduce the frequency and severity of vehicular mishaps involving Joint Base personnel. During this timeframe, a combination of events contributed to the increase of traffic congestion on Red Bank Road. Our security forces stopped an individual at the Weapons Station's main gate concerning a suspected traffic infraction, blocking one lane, causing traffic to back up beyond the entrance to the NNPTC/NHCC gate. Simultaneously, security forces responded to a minor traffic accident that occurred on Red Bank Road. While a vehicle involved in this accident was being removed from the roadway, passing drivers slowed down near the scene, causing additional traffic delays. Furthermore, the repaving of Red Bank Road may have contributed to some of the associated traffic delays. This construction project was completed during off-duty hours, but the work zone cleanup efforts may have impacted the flow of traffic during the morning commute. Additionally, there was increased traffic on Red Bank Road due to a bridge closure on Bushy Park Road forcing commuters who worked in Bushy Park to travel on Red Bank Road instead of Cypress Gardens Road.

In regards to the NNPTC/NHCC gate traffic flow and manning, we have programmed a military construction project to relocate the NNPTC/NHCC gate's entry control point that will improve the cueing of vehicles. This construction project's approval and funding is a multi-year process and while not currently funded, we continue to plan for its funding and construction. Due to operational security, we don't discuss installation security techniques, tactics or procedures. However, the gate's security manning is adequately staffed to support the current flow of traffic, barring a combination of similar unforeseen events.

Finally, in regards to widening Red Bank Road, it is a state road and it would be the state's responsibility to widen if required. The local Council of Governments -- comprised of Berkeley, Charleston and Dorchester government representatives -- are very concerned about traffic congestion in the region and are working on several initiatives to improve traffic flow that are prioritized by importance. This is typically verified by engineering studies and traffic analysis. We advocate for issues that will help improve traffic for the Joint Base but, unfortunately, there are no current plans by the state to widen Red Bank Road at this time.

Joint Base Charleston has over 22,000 employees who commute through the installation gates on a daily basis during the work week. In addition to the local commercial traffic, there is an increase of traffic congestion during the morning and afternoon commute 'rush hours,' especially when local schools are in session. When planned road closures are scheduled, we issue traffic advisories through our Public Affairs office so installation personnel and organizations can plan accordingly for any traffic delays. For unscheduled traffic incidents that may cause delays, we ask for everyone's patience and understanding while our security forces respond to and mitigate these incidents. Thank you.

Best regards,

Col. Jeff Nelson
Commander, 628th Air Base Wing
Joint Base Charleston, S.C