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NEWS | Aug. 15, 2017

Honored to join the 437th AW

By Chief Master Sgt. Jennifer Kersey, command chief 437th Airlift Wing

On June 15, 2017 Col. Jimmy Canlas, 437th Airlift Wing commander, selected me as your Command Chief.  This leadership opportunity is an amazing privilege I will not take lightly.  I commit to investing in the 2,300 Airmen, officers and civilians serving Air Mobility Command’s premier airlift wing.  I am wicked excited to join a team with a reputation for mission excellence!

Over the next several weeks, as I learn my way around and get in synch with the wing’s battle rhythm, I will reach out to junior Airmen and group leaders to focus my attention on what is important to the men and women of the 437th.  Additionally, I look forward to championing Col. Canlas’ priorities to ensure we are advocating for our Airmen and their families by solidifying partnerships with the 628th Air Base Wing and 315th AW.

It was clear to me upon my arrival that the 437th AW has a rock-solid foundation organizationally.  The challenges of manpower shortages and high ops tempos are being confronted head-on.  I feel compelled to jump right in to help guide, mentor and support initiatives assisting and supporting the Chief of Staff of the Air Force’s focus areas…to develop, train and build Airmen. This is where my true passion in leadership lies.  While CSAF coined the term ‘Squadrons, the beating heart of the Air Force,’ my goal is to capitalize and build on that premise by focusing on the beating heart of our squadrons…OUR AIRMEN!  My mantra and personal moniker is, “Be a solution based Airman”.  I strive to empower Airmen through inclusiveness and collaboration, despite any future challenges we may face.

I look forward to working with our Chiefs, SNCOs and First Sergeants to build upon the strong foundation of airlift culture and tradition.  I’m hungry to jump into C-17 maintenance shops, understand the nuances of air crew operations and encourage our wing support organizations.  I am eager to learn the mechanics of maximum aircraft generation and how we work together as a team to support total force, joint and coalition missions.  As a career mission support group Airman with 25 years in security forces, I feel privileged to be wedded to a mission wing that speaks to my background…transporting equipment and troops to mitigate threats, engage in combat operations and aid humanitarian campaigns around the globe.

To Col. Canlas, with an attitude of gratitude, I’d like to thank you for placing trust in me to lead Team 4-3-7. I am thrilled to take on this challenge.  To the men and women of the 437th, I promise you my full attention as we work with our joint base partners to sustain an environment valuing diversity of thought and mutual respect.  To share an imparting adage, a fellow chief once said, “Where you sit is where you stand”…challenge accepted…I will stand tall with the 437th AW.