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NEWS | June 14, 2017

Joint Base Charleston is a special place

By Col. Rob Lyman, commander Joint Base Charleston

Joint Base Charleston is a special place for a host of reasons.  With the myriad of strategic logistics, airlift, nuclear power training, development, sustainment and support missions, every military operation in the world is touched by those who serve here.  In that way, it truly is “The Launch Point for the Nation’s Resolve”.  The missions here matter, in the largest strategic context for our nation.


The community support here is second to none, manifesting itself in numerous ways.  The community members of the Charleston region reflect the best of the nation back at us.  They honor us with their gratitude and remind us of the depth of our duty, the character we strive to exemplify and the many reasons we choose to serve.  They are supportive and welcoming by making Charleston a home for our service families, not just another duty station. 


As one of only 12 joint bases, the support construct we follow is unique – and tailor made to the singular missions in the Lowcountry.  Forged through the hard work of crafting joint basing, relationships matter, and personnel at every level strive to keep them healthy, despite understandable friction from mission and resource constraints. 


Most importantly, it is special because of those who serve here – including our active duty and reserve joint service members, our civilian national security professionals and all their service families.  Every day you accomplish amazing things in support of our missions – launching missions of hope globally, shipping the nation’s arsenal to international crisis spots, training the most technically skilled nuclear experts in the world, developing and sustaining next generation command & control capabilities, installation security and support, and many other tasks.  The impact of that service has been validated with unit and individual awards of every flavor and at every level.  Simply put, it is exemplary.


Additionally, and just as critically, you have lifted one another through many trials – a thousand year flood, a hurricane evacuation, mourning the loss of teammates and loved ones; always elevating one another after a stumble.  Whether you call each other shipmate, wingman, battle buddy, comrade-in-arms or just friend, your kindness further defines Joint Base Charleston’s character.


Off duty you continue to be great ambassadors to the Lowcountry, exemplifying community service by donating your time to worthy causes across the region – education initiatives, volunteer athletic coaches, food and blood drives, shelters for animals and those in need, community beautification, fundraising and more.  I continue to be impressed by the depth and breadth of your volunteer efforts.


Vignettes of your character in action inspire us all.  You have rendered aid after traffic accidents, to neighbors during floods, to those unwell while traveling on leave, to strangers under assault and in numerous other ways that many times escape attention.  Knowing, regardless of being on duty or off, the nation expects more from us, and you deliver.


These things make it easy for me to herald your message while rendering it a humbling task. Joint Base Charleston is a special place – made so by a countless intermingling of factors, at the center of which are all of you. Thank you for your service.  It never goes unnoticed.