NEWS | Aug. 22, 2016

Green Dot: Program lifts off at JB Charleston

By Staff Sgt. Andrea Salazar 628th Airlift Wing Public Affairs

Joint Base Charleston implemented Green Dot, a new training program for Airmen, taking a novel  approach to decreasing interpersonal violence in 2016.

The training objective encourages individuals to use tools from the nonprofit Green Dot organization to prevent incidents of interpersonal violence, including sexual assault, domestic abuse, dating violence, stalking, child abuse, bullying and more.

"This training shows service members more ways to stop an incident from happening instead of just saying 'you have to stop'," said Staff Sgt. Jason Chiles, Joint Base Charleston Green Dot Program Coordinator. "It focuses on what to do rather than on what not to do."

The program centers on proactive behaviors for Airmen who find themselves in possibly threatening situations. The goal is to create an environment intolerant of sexual violence.

"It's easy to say 'oh, that's not going work' before anything is even attempted," said Christine Adcox, 628th Air Base Wing Sexual Assault Response Violence Prevention Specialist and manager of the Green Dot Program at JB Charleston. "This can work. We can change the culture but we have to be willing to try."

Since the program began at Joint Base Charleston, it has received positive feedback from the more than 2,300 members who attended the training.

The Green Dot training is required for all active duty members and appropriated and non-appropriated employees. The training is divided into three phases:

Phase I, Green Dot Leadership Training (90-minutes) for commanders, superintendents, agency chiefs, first sergeants and chief master sergeants, the purpose is for the participants to understand the key components, understand the dynamics of change while increasing their knowledge and tools to be used to contribute to positive norms.

Phase II, Green Dot Influencer Training which is four-hours of team building, activities and a reminder of the three "D's" in bystander intervention (Direct, Deter and Distract). Those selected to attend this training may be any rank or position. This training teaches attendees how to recognize behaviors which may be immediate precursors to interpersonal violence, how to increase intrinsic motivation, how to intervene and how to recognize barriers that may prevent an Airman rom responding. This training equips Airmen with the knowledge and skills necessary to proactively engage peers and work towards a positive culture change.

Phase III, Green Dot 50-Minute Overview, the remaining Airmen and civilians attend this training which is an overview of Green Dot. Participants learn to recognize behaviors that may constitute as domestic violence, sexual assault and stalking.

Phase III's two main messages are:
1. Interpersonal violence will not be tolerated and 2. Everyone is expected to do their part.
Joint Base Charleston members must sign up for one of these classes depending on their rank and title.

To register for a class: go to
Training rosters can be located at the Violence Prevention Specialist, EIM Site: under shared documents.

Adcox stated she believes Green Dot can expand through the military to the local community and beyond.

"Just think of how much of a culture change this training could have, the Airmen and civilians can expand what they have learned by talking to other peers, family members, and so forth. This change can go beyond the installation gates: into communities. It is not going to happen overnight," said Adcox. "But it is important for everyone to acknowledge, by taking a stance together, we can change the culture."