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NEWS | Aug. 4, 2016

Thank you: Military Families - Past and Present

By Col Robert Lyman Joint Base Charleston Commander

To all Joint Base Charleston Military Families - Past and Present,

In recent years our nation has expressed gratitude for the commitment and sacrifices of its military service members.  Alongside the nation's warriors, military spouses and families offer tremendous service and make great sacrifices for our country.  In April the nation celebrates the Month of the Military Child, and in May we commemorate Military Spouse Appreciation Day on the Friday before Mother's Day.  Military spouses are a vital part of our service family.  Additionally, children of military families show a rare resilience and courage we celebrate.  As you move from past duty stations to Joint Base Charleston, bringing family and transitioning careers, we want to let you know how much you are appreciated.  The strength of our joint units and the successful accomplishment of our missions depend on the quiet courage and lasting strength that has always been exhibited by military families.  On every day, but especially when a service member is deployed, we know an entire family is called to serve.

We owe our nation's warriors a debt of gratitude that we will never fully be able to repay and we must not forget the very people whose love, support, and sacrifice enable them to accomplish the missions and tasks levied upon them.  The level of support you provide to your service member is invaluable.  While special commemoration days and months are a good opportunity to recognize that support, we all want you to know how much you are valued every day.  As many of you are just arriving to Charleston, summer is winding down, and many families are ramping up for a new school year, we welcome you, we are glad you're here, and we salute you.

With sincere gratitude - Thank you.

Rob Lyman, Colonel, USAF                                                          Nancy Lyman
Commander, Joint Base Charleston