NEWS | Aug. 5, 2013

Action Line – CDC and Youth Center pro-rating fees

By Joint Base Charleston Public Affairs

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I have a question in regards to the CDC and Youth Center pro-rating fees to exclude furlough days. Our family utilizes both the CDC and Youth Center; fees for both facilities are due in advance. The Youth Center is pro-rating fees at the time the fees are drafted from our bank account. The CDC however, drafts the full bi-weekly amount and is not providing an explanation when we will see a refund for the furlough days. We have asked CDC staff, on three separate occasions, why they are not following the same policy as the Youth Center and have received varying responses. With the furlough reducing 20 percent of our monthly income, it is a struggle not just for our family, but many military/civilian employee families. We have talked with other parents who share the same frustration and concern. As working parents with multiple children, it would be helpful to free up the money in the beginning of the pay period rather than wait for the CDC to decide when we will be refunded. Why is the CDC not pro-rating the fees in advance like the Youth Center when they both fall under the 628th Force Support Squadron?

Thank you for the sacrifices you and your family are making in these tough times, and thank you for your patronage at Joint Base Charleston Youth and CDC programs. You are absolutely correct, and thank you for pointing out this error. It is the policy of both the Child Development Center and Youth Programs to allow parents to keep their children home on their furlough days, without being charged for these days. The fees for both facilities should be pro-rated at the time of payment, and NOT refunded at the end of the billing period. I have already asked the 628th FSS staff to retrain their personnel on this policy, and to ensure any other patrons affected by this error are provided a prompt refund. Thank you again for your continued participation in our programs, and for your attention to detail.

Thank you for calling the Action Line.
Col. Richard McComb - Joint Base Charleston commander