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NEWS | Nov. 18, 2013

JB Charleston parent to be recognized as Youth Sports Parent of the Year

By Staff Sgt. William O'Brien

A parent from Joint Base Charleston, S.C., has been chosen as the National Alliance for Youth Sports Parent of the Year.

Jaykada McFadden was chosen for her participation within the base's sports program for being a role model for youth and her peers. McFadden will be presented her award at a ceremony in San Diego, Calif., Nov. 20 - 23.

"Our Joint Base Charleston Youth Sports and Fitness Program benefits tremendously by having Jaykada McFadden as one of our many involved parents, which is why we have selected her as our Youth Parent of the Year," said Shannon Norris, JB Charleston Air Base youth programs manager.

Known as "Kay," Jaykada McFadden has six children ranging between ages 13 and three, all of which she homeschools.

"As a parent, Kay is very active in the lives of her children allowing them the freedom to express themselves individually," said Norris. "She realizes how important it is to instill at a young age the benefits of a healthy and active lifestyle Kay has provided them the opportunity to be involved in our homeschool fitness class, archery club, Ready Set Run program, cycling club, youth basketball, baseball, and the PGA golf program."

For a portion of the past year, her husband, Tech. Sgt. Jonell McFadden, 437th Aerial Port Squadron load planner was in Korea. Despite that, Kay managed to juggle the schedules of all of her children while attending school full-time to earn her degree in psychology.

"It is great to have a wife who cares about the interests of her children and makes me proud to know that rather I am here or deployed the children will always have their mom in their corner to root for them," said McFadden.

"Kay faces every challenge with an infectious positive attitude, promotes and encourages a healthy lifestyle and is an amazing role model for her children and the community," added Norris.

In addition to the interest she takes in her own children's lives, Kay is an active supporter of all youth program participants. She acts as a volunteer for several of the programs doing anything she can to help ensure the programs run smoothly. As a team parent for the 7/8 year old youth baseball team, Kay assisted the team in a variety of ways including keeping track of the batting order, baseball mitts and caps all while cheering on each child as if they were her own.

"I try to keep up with her. My wife's energy is contagious. She is the most supportive person I know and is always all in with every endeavor that I or the children partake in," said McFadden. "The awesome thing about her is that her support is not just for our children, but for all the children on the team and even the opponents. She always emphasizes is not about winning or losing, but it's about having fun."

In addition to motivating the kids and helping them to find the enthusiasm to work through life's problems, McFadden says his wife also does that for him.

"When there is something going on that we know is important to each other we may pick up some slack to allow one another to focus on the goal at hand. One thing we do is encourage a healthy living lifestyle. We plan our meals together and workout together when we can. We are always encouraging one another to seek out challenges. While we would never compete with each other, we motivate each other," said McFadden. "If I had to sum my wife up in one word I would use the word blessing. She always makes it a point to make the life better of whoever she comes in contact with. Rather it's with the youth sports, work or a trip to the commissary."