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NEWS | Nov. 21, 2013

SAFE-n-SOUND All Year Round

By Staff Sgt. Amber Kelly-Herard Air Mobility Command Public Affairs

Last year, Air Mobility Command did not lose any Airmen during the holiday period.
To prepare for the upcoming holiday season, AMC has released the "SAFE-n-SOUND, All Year Round" Campaign to run from Nov. 22 through Jan. 25, 2014.

"It is imperative we do all we can to help our Airmen make educated risk management decisions that impact their safety both on and off-duty", said Sydney Hughes, AMC Ground Safety Division chief.

The most common mishaps during this time of year are slips and falls due to icy conditions. The most serious involve motor vehicle operations. Driving too fast for conditions, drinking and driving, fatigue and distractions are common causal factors.

"Ensure your efforts include addressing on-duty safety," said. Col. Paul Murphy, AMC director of safety. "Aside from the numerous slips and falls experienced each year at our bases located in colder climates, be especially vigilant in environments that present the potential for more serious mishaps."

Last year, an Airman sustained a permanent partial injury when he lost the tip of his finger during a cargo loading operation.

Shortly after the season ended, AMC lost two Airmen to on-duty mishaps. One Airman died when a KC-135 boom fell on her and the other was crushed when he was pinned between a wall and a vehicle as he was performing spotter duties. While these mishaps are not typical, on-duty hazards are present throughout the year.

In addition to the campaign, each week has been given a theme to address key areas of personal safety:

Week 1 - Nov. 22 - The Long and Winding Road
Week 2 - Nov. 29 - Christmas Lights
Week 3 - Dec. 6 - Super Skier's Last Race
Week 4 - Dec. 13 - I Just Want to Celebrate
Week 5 - Dec. 20 - Ice Ice Baby
Week 6 - Dec. 27 - Cold Weather Blues
Week 7 - Jan. 4 - Back to Work and Tired
Week 8 - Jan. 11 - Distractions
Week 9 - Jan. 18 - Dangers of Short Daylight Hours

"All Airmen are encouraged to use sound risk management principles to help them avoid making poor decisions that can lead to unnecessary pain and suffering", said Wayne Bendall, this year's holiday campaign manager.