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NEWS | Nov. 27, 2013

Charleston area Sailors moving up!

By Joint Base Charleston Public Affairs

Congratulations to the following Sailors on a job well done, and best of luck as you put on those new Crows!

Naval Operational Support Center Charleston

Fire Controllman First Class Christopher Moore
Master-at-Arms First Class Chase Ferguson
Aircrew Survival Equipmentman Second Class Megan Haberman
Hospital Corpsman Third Class Buel Brown
HM3 Carlisa Watts
Information Systems Technician Third Class Tyler Daugherty
Yeoman Third Class Wanda Middleton

Naval Munitions Command

Logistics Specialist First Class Dennis Novesteras
Mineman Second Class Christopher Nickell
MN2 Jesse Vaughn
MN2 Christopher Stinson
Mineman Third Class Jared Hart

Naval Health Clinic Charleston

Hospital Corpsman First Class Scott Reid
HM1 Tyranny Moses
HM1 Daniel Nunez
HM2 Darius Davis
HM2 David Oba
HM2 Wilson Araujo
HM2 John Betts
HM3 Jordan Sejour
HM3 Anthony Malone
HM3 Nicole Johnson
HM3 Leah Maughan

Naval Consolidated Brig Charleston

Aviation Electrician's Mate First Class William Carten
FC1 Richard Byrd
Operations Specialist First Class Michael McNeil

Naval Support Activity Charleston

Machinist's Mate First Class Dwain Key
Religious Programs Specialist First Class Anabel Craddock
Ship's Serviceman First Class Freddie Williams
SH2 Ryan Davis
RP3 Ezra Burns

Naval Nuclear Power Training Command

Electrician's Mate (Nuclear) First Class Geoffrey Amend
EMN1 Brian Carvell
Machinist's Mate (Nuclear) First Class Travis Bressler
MMN1 Trent Bumgarner
MMN1 Jared Horta
MMN1 Terrell Maxwell
MMN1 Michael McDonald
MMN1 Chad Newcomb
MMN1 Amber Vaughan
ETN2 Craig Bell
ETN2 Robert Grey
ETN2 Matt Montgomery
ETN2 Buccola Richmond
ETN2 Derek Scott
ETN2 Tony Williams
MMN2 David Bratton
MMN2 Ammon Bryson
MMN2 Jeremy Fitzgerald
MMN2 Andrew Halsey
MMN2 Timothy Kubiak
MMN2 Gregory Labac
MMN2 Richard Magon
MMN2 Hunter Moffitt
MMN2 Derrell Moss
MMN2 Jared Myer
MMN2 Ethan Rooney
MMN2 Steven Sheldon
MMN2 Adam Silver
MMN2 Brian Tabata
MMN2 Travis Vere
MMN2 Jonathan Wilson
ETN3 Zachoria McKague
MMN3 Jacob Cundiff
MMN3 Tyler Holt
MMN3 Ryan Perry

Nuclear Power Training Unit

Damage Controllman First Class Nyles Rhaney
DC1 Jeffrey Orcino
SH1 Juan Guerrero
ET2 Joseph Pulfer
YN2 Dominic Olszanowski
EM3 Brady Anderson
EM3 Nikko Hurst
ET3 Daniel Webber