NEWS | Dec. 17, 2013

I just want to celebrate

By 628th Air Base Wing Safety Office

It's party time! From Thanksgiving to New Year's, the holiday celebrations are happening everywhere.

We all think of this time as one of the most joyful seasons, but it's also the time to pay greater attention to safety. In planning your festivities, consider and prepare for the hazards. As a party host, you want to take into account the food you're serving. Do any of your guests have allergies? Has the food been cooked and/or stored properly? Food poisoning or an allergic reaction can cause lost work days or cause someone to lose focus on-duty when feeling ill.

For some additional tips from the National Safety Council:
We're all aware that in planning a night on the town or going to a party, means having a plan to get home safely. But having a plan is equally important for the host of a party. Include non-alcoholic beverages for the designated drivers; remind your guests to have a designated driver; a responsible host may mean not drinking in order to give a ride home to guests who are drinking; calling them a taxi; or offering your couch for the night.

Another important hazard to consider, if you are the designated driver, it's not only just your drinking you should keep in mind. According to the Troy, Michigan police department, many holiday drinkers don't drink often, so they have a lower tolerance for alcohol. These people often underestimate their level of impairment and sometimes drive when they shouldn't.

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