NEWS | Feb. 12, 2014

Additional Weather Updates for Joint Base Charleston Agencies

By 628th Air Base Wing/Public Affairs

Following the general announcement of "mission essential personnel" status for Joint Base Charleston, various individual base agencies provided updates to their status Feb. 12, 2014. 

Please see below for these updates:

SPAWAR - Mission Essential only

ASLAC - Late reporting 1000

841st SSDC - Mission Essential only

NNPTC - Late reporting 1000

NPTU - Late reporting 1000

NHCC - Closed today (Mission Essential only)

MNCU CHASN - Mission Essential only

NAVCONBRIG - Mission Essential only

AB & WS DECA - Closed

AAFES & Food vendors - Open normal hours

NEX - Closed

For all further updates, please visit the official Joint Base Charleston Facebook page.