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NEWS | Feb. 24, 2014

"Military Saves Week’ is every day for Commissaries

By Cherie Huntington DeCA Public Affairs Specialist The annual Military Saves Week campaign, set for Feb. 24 through March 1, aims to encourage military members and their families to save, reflecting the theme: "Set a goal, make a plan, save automatically."

As a campaign partner, the Defense Commissary Agency offers savings every day by delivering 30 percent or more savings on groceries.

"We sell at cost since we provide a nonpay benefit earned through military service," said Randy Chandler, DeCA's director of sales. "Shopping consistently at your Commissary saves you money without the hassle and expense of driving all over town looking for items on sale."

Commissary shoppers also use coupons to achieve even higher savings, Chandler said. Last year, shoppers redeemed nearly 100 million coupons for customer savings of about $91 million.

"Our customers know coupons equate to cash," Chandler said. "And the Commissary Rewards Card delivers even more savings via paperless coupons to download onto your card."

In addition to digital coupons, patrons can also find special commissary promotions offered through the rewards card program. For more information or to register for a rewards card, visit

Commissary customers can always go to the DeCA website,, to find information about what's on sale at their local commissary through the Shopping Aisle tab, and they can also access the Exclusive Savings link to find more coupons, specials, promotions, sales and healthy recipes.

The Military Saves website offers tips on saving money, living well and spending less. Not surprisingly, many ideas call for more meals made at home and "brown bag" lunches for work and school, and the commissary can simplify those efforts. Easy, economical meals at home save money, but leftovers compound the value by providing future ready-to-heat meals, especially when chili or hearty soups grace the menu. This can turn a $25 meal out on the town into a $5 meal made with good health in mind.

Toting lunch to work doesn't have to be boring, and the Commissary can help keep the lunch box interesting as well as economical. It's easy to bag fresh, crisp veggies for snacks, and protein-packed Greek yogurt makes a perfect light lunch. No refrigerator available? Shelf-stable, heat-and-eat entrees in lunchtime portions can be stored in a desk drawer.

Not only during Military Saves Week but year round, Commissaries worldwide support the campaign by providing information on personal financial awareness and preparing nutritious meals for less.

Military Saves is part of the Department of Defense's Financial Readiness Campaign to encourage military families to save money every month. Customers can join Military Saves via Facebook, Twitter, Web page and monthly newsletter. Visit for more information.