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NEWS | April 14, 2014

The Joint Base Charleston Best Practices program

By Joint Base Charleston Business Office


This guidance will assist the 628th Air Base Wing and all Joint Base Charleston Mission Partners in identifying, documenting, approving and auditing the best practices for delivering installation support services for Joint Base Charleston. References are the Joint Base Implementation Guidance (dated Jan. 22, 2008) and Joint Base Charleston Memorandum of Agreement (dated July 2, 2009).


1. Initial Actions: All 628th ABW commanders and personnel will continuously seek out and identify potential "best practices." Best practices are simply superior methods or innovative practices that contribute to improved performance, gained efficiencies in funding, man-power, services or asset management on JB Charleston.

a. All 628th ABW personnel will identify and recommend potential best practices in their respective workplaces or areas of expertise to their chain of command using the Best Practice Input Form (see Attachment 1).

b. All Best Practice inputs shall be submitted to the originator's supervisor with a copy to the JB Charleston Business Office (628th ABW/OB). The supervisor shall evaluate and recommend approval if the suggestion is within his/her immediate function or area of expertise. If not within his/her function or area of expertise, he/she will forward it up their chain of command until it can be appropriately evaluated or passed to another Group or Squadron for appropriate review. 628th ABW/OB will track the submission.

2. Outside Submissions: Best Practice submissions by JB Charleston personnel outside of 628th ABW are highly encouraged.

a. 628th ABW/OB will take the lead in advertising the program and distributing Best Practice Input Forms (see Attachment 1), with support from 628th ABW public affairs.

b. All submissions will be forwarded to 628th ABW/OB, who will track and forward them to the appropriate Group Commander for review.

3. Best practice submissions and input reviews will be managed by 628th ABW/OB and will be discussed at the quarterly Cost and Performance Visibility Framework meeting.

a. When a commander has the authority to approve a best practice, he/she will submit an Implementation Plan (see Attachment 2) up his/her chain of command indicating that he/she has approved and implemented a best practice with a copy to 628th ABW/OB.

b. When a commander does not have the authority to approve a Best Practice (for example, a deviation from an AFI or other AF guidance), he/she will submit a draft Implementation plan (see Attachment 2) up his/her chain of command with a copy to the 628th ABW/OB when nominating the potential best practice. The draft Implementation plan will be created using the information from the Best Practice Input Form.

c. The 628th ABW/OB will maintain copies of all completed Implementation Plans and Best Practice Input forms.

4. The 628th ABW/OB will lead an annual review, in parallel with the 4th quarter CPVF review, of all JB Charleston Best Practices implemented in the past two years. Annual reviews will verify that previously implemented best practices continue to be effective, are producing enduring efficiencies, identify which best practices are no longer efficient and/or effective for implementation and highlight the most efficient and/or effective best practices to be shared with the wider Joint Base community.

5. Potential best practices requiring Joint Base Partnership Council or Joint Management Oversight Structure level approval will be briefed at JBPC meetings and forwarded up the chain of command, as appropriate.

6. Following approval of a best practice submission, the originator is encouraged to submit the Best Practice to the Military Cash Awards Program and/or the VCSAF's initiative "Airmen Powered by Innovation" process through the Air Force or Navy for potential recognition and awards.

7. Best Practice Input Forms can be found on the Joint Base Charleston internet web page at: Joint Base Charleston - Best Practices Input Form

8. The point of Contact is Carter Hayes, Business Manager, JB Charleston Business Office, 963-0150 or

For more information on the Best Practices program, and an official input form, please follow the link below.