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NEWS | April 29, 2014

Security Forces implements traffic citation changes

By 628th Security Forces Squadron

Change is coming to Joint Base Charleston - Weapons Station.

Effective June 1, 2014, the 628th Security Forces Squadron will begin issuing United States District Court Violation Notices, also known as Central Violations Bureau Form 1805. This form is used when it is determined an offender will be prosecuted for a minor offense, including traffic offenses, before a U.S. Magistrate under AFI 51-905, Use of US Magistrates for Trial of Misdemeanors Committed by Civilians.

These forms will only be issued to civilians suspected of a crime or traffic violation on the Weapons Station for now.

"Most civilians on the Weapons Station will not notice the change, unless they are pulled over for a traffic infraction or suspected of a crime" said Capt. Jonathan Blount, 628th SFS operations officer.

There are two different citations that can be issued on JB Charleston for traffic offenders; Department of Defense Form 1408, Armed Forces Traffic Ticket, and CVB Form 1805, United States District Court Violation Notice.

Active-duty military, Guard and reservists on active status who commit an infraction will receive a DD Form 1408. This citation has no monetary penalty for violations, but the standard reporting instructions are to report this violation to their commander and first sergeant within 24 hours or immediately upon returning to duty.

Along with having to report this violation to their chain of command, there is a base driving privilege points system against which violations are assessed, affecting the person's base driving record.

But civilians operating Privately Owned Vehicles on JB Charleston, as well as Guard and reservists not on active status, civilians, DOD employees, dependents, retirees and contractors, are subject to South Carolina traffic laws, just as they are off the installation. The CVB 1805 allows SFS to enforce these laws through issuing citations with fines ranging from $25 to $500 or more, with a $25 processing fee added to the citation penalty.

Along with this citation violators may receive a "must appear" citation, where they are required to appear in front of a magistrate judge in traffic court located in down town Charleston.

Violators issued a CVB 1805 are also subject to the same driving privileges point system as previously stated.

Civilians will still be issued DD Form 1408s for violations involving cell phone use while driving on the installation, parking violations or while operating a government vehicle.